Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hot and Humid in Ct.

The weather  lately in Connecticut has been almost unbearably hot and humid. I've been making the choice to do most of my fishing at night for striped bass.
 don't get me wrong I've been doing plenty of trout fishing and freshwater large mouth fishing.   there's nothing more I like better than being stream-side under the shade of a nice canopy of Hemlocks, maybe catching a hatch... or maybe just a nap.  
it seems that lately home renovation projects have really taken a front seat to fishing during the daytime. I may not have a beautiful photo of that 14 inch brook trout I've been chasing all summer... but I have beautiful birch flooring now  and a happy wife. (sometimes?)
the other day I called in sick to few different responsibilities I had and decided to go ahead and fish a local stream with a friend. extremely overgrown and extremely hot, the trip turned up nothing but sunfish and fall fish. it did still feel good to get out of the house though. . sometimes even though I don't catch any brookies, I'll find something to take a picture of.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Slight location change

Not bad.. but ...

the same spot... later that day....

Now sporting the new pool. maybe 6" deeper,.. slower,.. colder.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Striped Bass: a Love story

   I'm not sure what it is, the fights, the smells, the flies, or just chilling with my friends,  but lately I haven't been sleeping much.   
   I usually wait till my wife is asleep, (easy to tell, she has a cute girl snore)   then I slowly sneak out from under the covers, grab my clothes off the floor, unplug my cell phone, and try to sneak down the stairs.    Three feet from the bed, the floor creaks, , I momentarily get vertigo, lean against the closet door, step on a hard plastic toy, all of which makes just enough noise to stir my bulldog, Abe.  Good thing Abe is a lazy SOB.    I quickly quiet down, ....   listen softly.....   OK.   still good.  the Wife is still asleep.     Now the Stairs.  .  .  .  .    What a loud mess.   An elephant on rollerskates has more grace.   My house was built pre-USA..   it's a small 1771 farmhouse built by a farmer for his daughter's wedding gift... It has more than one creak and groan.   the Stairs are noisy.   If I make it downstairs somewhat quietly, immediately on with the TV!...  that grey noise in the backround will now serve two purposes,  first, it will mask my getting dressed & grabbing beers from the fridge. second,    if..... goodness forbid, my wife wakes while I'm gone,  obviously I am watching TV.  Haha  Not.    
  I keep my rod rigged.  all summer long, stowed in the front seat of my car, along with a pile consisting of Fishing pliers, Flies, CREE flashlight, and Tippett.   The survival tools of the midnight fisherman.    If I pull out of the driveway with my lights off, the barn wont glow like a red luminary lighting up the bedroom window.     ahhhhhh.  homefree,   Crack a Road-soda, Text the other addicts, and dream of screaming drag.
  Several hours later, I come home drunk, smelling like fish, with just a few hours till work.   successful or not, I usually fall asleep happy. this routine happens every other night, if not more. Since the supermoon last week, It's been more. 
    Last night, I landed 10 Bass in the shitty rain, none of them over 16 inches. no fish tales here...    they were small.    but that still counts as a great night.   

I really should buy more powerball tickets. I need to quit my job.  then waking up would go a little smoother.
Last night's First fish of the night.    fought like at least an 18 Incher.  tough little bastard
 This guy from Friday was closer to keeper size.  actually fought like a pussy. most bass half his size are stronger fighters
Here's my latest Cinder-Worm .. Sz 4.   Its very small, maybe 1.5 inches,   but damn it works great

Folks... Sleep is for the birds.  get out there under the moon & fish!!!