Monday, July 21, 2014

Fishing thru the summer of 2014 Pictures (streamside photo dump)

I'm still alive, although constantly living with this fishing disease has kept me on the water more than my blog. I've been fishing Alot, just not catching Alot. maybe it's a slump... I've been here before, just not this bad. I mean yes, hell I'm catching fish.. just not as many fish as I'd like, and not of the record sizes that I dream of. Brook trout have been good, just small. largest trout this year is maybe 8". :( I can't even edit the photos to make them look large. Beautiful, yes. Monsters, no Stripers have been plentiful, nearly every trip out. I've been catching a bunch, sometimes only 1, sometimes 4 or 5. think one night i may have got more, but thats it. one thing about this year that I hate (as a shore fly-fisherman) is that these abundant stripers never seem to get over 20"! there's buckets of them out there, just little ones. oh well. It's still fun, still a great fighting fish on 2x, but I wish there were a few 30's or 40's thrown in. Although my blog has been a bit thin... hang on, and I promise to get some more posts out there. maybe a SBS on a fly? Here's some photos of this years small streams. maybe next post will be salt-water, I've got some killer flies for the stripers. Check out my Tumblr if you havent seen it before, lately it seems to be my method of virtual soci Anybody recognize any areas? The covered bridge is a sure symbol of WTMA here in SECT, and was actually virgin to me. (its kinda big water for me)
this casing is about the size of a quarter, with legs, maybe bigger. I saved it, my fly tying area is sometimes littered with dead bugs as well as fake ones. (i gotta have references)