Monday, November 26, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Escaping the crowds

This stream is un-named as far as I know, possibly a tributary to Avery-Billings Brook, I'm really not sure.  at it's widest spot (that i could find) it is only about 8ft wide. Most areas are only 4-5 ft wide, with parts even narrower. Part of a local land conservancy, many people do not fish it, possibly because they think it isn't allowed. Insider info: the founder of the local land trusts is a fly-fisherman! anyways, it doesn't look like it would hold much trout, at least thats what people would say if they haven't had 18" brownbows (haha Hank Patterson) break off light tippet here! I've personally lost many a fly here to browns that sun downstream thru 2ft wide mill channels. (at one time a few hundo years ago there was a mill on the brook) 
   Today was a skunk, I spooked Hank the brownbow and watched him jet upstream through areas as shallow as 2"! thats how I am so confident on his size... half his body is out of water as he ske-daddles! 

I was trying a new sz 20 white may parachute , flash tail/post antron/squirrel body

I'm having a harder than usual time switching to wets for the fall than usual. oh well, it's not always about the catch. {Although being half-cocked at 8AM yesterday pulling in sea-runs on 24's was fun!}    TL

Saturday, November 17, 2012

trout's view matters

this is the bottom view of a parachute on an (s) elephant umbrella. Hopefully Mr. Trout notices the black underbody, half spent wings, fat juicy tail, and hackle feet touching the surface.
the tippet should be above the water i hope. and the body has been treated this time w/cdc oil. i've had trouble with these sinking, and have been thinking of incorporating foam.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rusty Jones

As small as they make em'      
Seems like lots of people wanna know whats the smallest... well.... any smaller and my sausage fingers wont be able to tie anything on. ... so whatever, here's my first fly tutorial... the Rusty Jones.
I went with a Gamakatsu C12-BM (barbless midge). i like these because they have a large eye. (for my sausage fingers)

three wraps of really fine Benecchi's was all i used to tie on. (keep it light!)
take a mid neck rusty color . Make sure that it's a straight one! this will be the body and tail.

Cut off right at the black. I then pulled back on the feather, and tied it in with two wraps. With a needle, i gently coated the new body with super glue, right to the thread wraps.

I forgot to take a photo of dubbing. sorry. go with ultra fine rusty muskrat belly.  I made 4 tight turns up, did a figure 8 over some ultra fine flash to form wings.
leave the flash and tail long. trim it later.
I then tied in a small grizzly hackle with two more turns.
again, take from the upper neck., keep it a straight one
two turns behind the wings, one in front, whip it dun. trim the tail into a v for a tail

And... one more shot of sausage fingers.

probably gonna be a cinch to tie onto some 12x. ha

This post is for scott, who said the Swamp Yankee went Stagnant