Sunday, May 26, 2013


I was able to get some well deserved trout fishing in the last few days. Striper fishing has been a 9 out-of 10 night commitment lately, and the troutin' has taken a back seat the last few days. this long weekend's crappy evening weather has kept me home at night, and it wasn't long before i thought' "effin' hell, the trout don't mind the water, so I ain't gonna mind a little rain"  I had really instead wanted to instead go to a flymphin event at the Catskill  fly fishing museum,  but after a quick google map-quest to find out that it was 3 hours, 20 minutes away. Memorial day traffic to go to NY.... no thanks.  Kinda glad I didn't spend the gas money. 
I did however use yesterday to honor the wing-less wet. I tied up a killer flymph and hit the woods.
I have taken many triut out from this giant deep pool on a stream that usually isn't wider than 8 ft.
this is the stream itself, carrying food downstream into the trout pool, it's maybe 4 ft wide here
after a little pour for Pete Hidy, the mojo was good, & the flymphin began to produce.
all the red dots on this guy were in a row... I used a leaf, because my hand was dry, but the rain had soaked everything around me.


Sunday, May 12, 2013


Stripers have been in town for nearly a week and a half, with the last 5 or six days being the best times yet this year.   CT's 18 or so day drought/spring heatwave made the bait bloom faster than a time-lapse video.  The Hickory Shad, Stripers and other predatory fish have been gorging themselves. It isn't uncommon to see a 'herd' of keeper-size fish make a thick bait-ball, and then violently erupt on the surface.   It's really cool to see a 30" or so fish come half out of the water, scare the shit out of thousands of fish, and fill his mouth on stunned or frightened bait.
  Most fish are like the one in the picture... 14-16"     (I have had 2  30"+ fish on.... only to wrap around the pilings, breaking off.)
  Not to discourage, but unless you can perfectly match these bait, don't even come out. it's a waste of time.   
    Here's a few hints.... when they are in the water, the flash goes nearly clear.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flash Hatch

I came up on a part of a small dam creek and witnessed a flash hatch  over the timespan of only a few minutes,   a few hundred of these flew out of a small pool touched by the sun.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My recent Fish/ventures.

I've have, for the most part, had a successful time away from work lately, Landing 8 different freshwater species, yet I've been a bit off.....  I've been visiting my favorite striper spot lately, nearly every night, and have been getting skunked.     RI seems to have a mess of em along the shore, but I have been striking out. Until I get my first of the season, I won't be happy.   I won't rest till it happens!  I miss the fight of a keeper sized striper!   I've been hittin the mid/late flood & turn, nighttime, even surrounding the full moon, ... Nothing.     Oh Well.  maybe this weekend's northern NH Salmon trip will take my mind off things.

Watch out for the next Pro out of Connecticut!!!

Since Opening day, I've been using my vacation time, and I don't miss work at all!  Aside from my wife getting tired of my more than usual company, the other lady in my life can't get enough of me, and fishin'!

She may not have the most elegant double haul, but she can brag about sunfish/bluegills Twice as big as her hand!!!!!!!
there was a great hatch of PINK ants the other day, resulting in many takers!
Killer Pattern!    Who woulda known?
she Hook -Sets like a pro!