Sunday, May 12, 2013


Stripers have been in town for nearly a week and a half, with the last 5 or six days being the best times yet this year.   CT's 18 or so day drought/spring heatwave made the bait bloom faster than a time-lapse video.  The Hickory Shad, Stripers and other predatory fish have been gorging themselves. It isn't uncommon to see a 'herd' of keeper-size fish make a thick bait-ball, and then violently erupt on the surface.   It's really cool to see a 30" or so fish come half out of the water, scare the shit out of thousands of fish, and fill his mouth on stunned or frightened bait.
  Most fish are like the one in the picture... 14-16"     (I have had 2  30"+ fish on.... only to wrap around the pilings, breaking off.)
  Not to discourage, but unless you can perfectly match these bait, don't even come out. it's a waste of time.   
    Here's a few hints.... when they are in the water, the flash goes nearly clear.


  1. Wonder how well the flies would work out here?

  2. I just saw a big jump in schoolie numbers down her in the harbors. The deeper reefs are holding a lot of nice fish. I can't wait for my day off on Wednesday. Slay Hard!

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