Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more swamp yankee photos!!!

sweet photos like this end up on my tumblr all the time.... if you're not already following me you should.

(I put up a couple of these photos today for the limp Cobra contest)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I took a crap on the side of the road today. (with video)

actu. .ally it's kind of a funny thing  ..

   I had left my video function on my phone on.   kind of sucks because I think that first crappie might have been the larger of the two.  who knows....  for all I know I caught the same fish twice.    was definitely surprised at the size of these craps. I pulled them out of a stream about 12 feet wide with my 5' lined w/000.
   These last few warmer months have taken toll on the local streams. The mixed browns & brookies have been replaced by sunnies, blue-g's and monster crappie.  this fun fighting fish was maybe 9" long... 
     earlier in the night I had taken a video of a turtle swimming upstream, and when (5) minutes later, thinking I was taking a photo... I took a short video of me handling my first crap of the night.  Enjoy.

 so small, I had to photo.  haha,,
there were Two of these turtles, pretty good size to them too, maybe 14" across 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fly Fishing in the mail.

I love getting mail.  I get that little-kid excitement.  Not quite sure if it's the anticipation, the opening, or just knowing that it's not junk mail, it's something that I look forward to.  sometimes it's special hooks i'm waiting on for that special pattern in my head,  or super hard to get Japanese tippet, whatever it is,... it's feeding my fishing addiction.
  Today in the mail, it was a book.  (actually came quicker than expected)   I'm surprised my wife let me open it instead of hiding it for christmas, a birthday, etc..   this book was written by a Connecticut resident that many of you may know as Brk Trt.   (   It is a collection of photographs with captions sharing a fly-fishers passion for the hidden gems of small streams.  Really well put together, great quality glossy photos in a hardback.  Great job Alan!!! 
   If you aren't already following his blog... Whats wrong with you?    get over there now.

Jim..... Here's a shot of my new flooring, as requested.  haha

1:35 am. snappa on'a cinda

I fuggin hate bluefish.   My life is a shambles