Friday, August 2, 2013

Fly Fishing in the mail.

I love getting mail.  I get that little-kid excitement.  Not quite sure if it's the anticipation, the opening, or just knowing that it's not junk mail, it's something that I look forward to.  sometimes it's special hooks i'm waiting on for that special pattern in my head,  or super hard to get Japanese tippet, whatever it is,... it's feeding my fishing addiction.
  Today in the mail, it was a book.  (actually came quicker than expected)   I'm surprised my wife let me open it instead of hiding it for christmas, a birthday, etc..   this book was written by a Connecticut resident that many of you may know as Brk Trt.   (   It is a collection of photographs with captions sharing a fly-fishers passion for the hidden gems of small streams.  Really well put together, great quality glossy photos in a hardback.  Great job Alan!!! 
   If you aren't already following his blog... Whats wrong with you?    get over there now.

Jim..... Here's a shot of my new flooring, as requested.  haha


  1. I need to get Alan's book. Good job on the floor. Looks just like the one we put in my wife's sewing room. Lumber Liquidators?

    1. You got it. Lumber liquidators. Its the Virginia millworks Matterhorn birch. Good stuff and easy to put down..... unless (like me) the week off you have to do it is a heatwave with ridiculous humidity. That was the most I've ever sweat in my life, surprised the boards didn't cup.

  2. Thanks Nate.
    I'm happy you found it enjoyable.

  3. nicely done. A classy background for a classy book. And gave me a good laugh.