Saturday, August 3, 2013

I took a crap on the side of the road today. (with video)

actu. .ally it's kind of a funny thing  ..

   I had left my video function on my phone on.   kind of sucks because I think that first crappie might have been the larger of the two.  who knows....  for all I know I caught the same fish twice.    was definitely surprised at the size of these craps. I pulled them out of a stream about 12 feet wide with my 5' lined w/000.
   These last few warmer months have taken toll on the local streams. The mixed browns & brookies have been replaced by sunnies, blue-g's and monster crappie.  this fun fighting fish was maybe 9" long... 
     earlier in the night I had taken a video of a turtle swimming upstream, and when (5) minutes later, thinking I was taking a photo... I took a short video of me handling my first crap of the night.  Enjoy.

 so small, I had to photo.  haha,,
there were Two of these turtles, pretty good size to them too, maybe 14" across 

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