Monday, July 30, 2012

Week Off!!!

  I have the week off and it is very much needed.  My fly box is getting bare from all the trees fish. Lately finding time between work, family, and drinking for a little fishing has limited my outings to barely 5 times a week. That, coupled with the fact that I caught my first bluefish in two years has gotten me a little depressed.  (i fuckin hate bluefish) The last blue I caught got a hold of my finger and went to the bone on each side, if it wasn't for my thumb placement, my index finger would have looked like a half-eaten corn-dog.  
   Anyways, I have been on a mayfly kick lately, only fishing mayflies on the surface, with my 000 bamboo setup. it's addictive, with line so light, it is soooo fun to lay a mayfly gently & softly right where the trout are feeding. the only downfall is the trees. the streams that I enjoy fishing are usually very small, hard to access,  and overgrown. Casting an oversized 18 mayfly w/10x or smaller means losing lots of flies to the tree-branches, again, i am glad to have the week off to catch up on tying.

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