Sunday, April 7, 2013

12x browns

I've been trying to land a 12" trout on 12x tippet for a while, and this weekend I almost did it.  The first fish (the one I lost may of been close, I'm hoping.  'Cause it fought pretty good.
This second guy was an okay 10"... but not 12. Got him on a descending dub picket pin.

After having some pesky knots form in my furled (twisted) leader, I made a Rasta themed one out of 3/0 uni ... it worked out better than I thought today.
I got a new pattern going today too.   Took a thick gauge hook, black bead head, lead body, moose tail/back/and legs... all on the same moose hair clump.

Didn't work half bad either.     Still no 12.


  1. The nymphs look nice! I am no expert on aquatic insects but the black bead head looks more natural.

  2. 12x is insane, dude. That's pretty hardcore. I feel wimpy when I use 7x!