Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Browns

   This weekend, my reggae band had a show in Hartford, not my favorite place in the world, but hey, also not far from a river that I haven't been to in a year.   I guess it was a compromise, I did have to cross the Connecticunt River, but fishing was involved, so it all evens out.   
   This river looked to be in great fishable condition, cold water, great flow, insects, clear water.. really good stuff.   With four of us out there, we didn't miss a pool, whether we fished it, or spooked it.  these fish  were pretty smart, and saw us coming several times, but in the end, the hunger of small brown trout for the dry fly overcame.    Nobody caught anything bigger than a hand, but fooling them on the surface is always fun,   size doesn't matter :)  
  This section of stream really caught my attention, I love finding waterfalls in the woods, and this one was easy to find.   Not far from the road, and with very little low branches to grab your flies, it was begging to be fished.  maybe only 150-200 yards long, there were maybe 5 living room sized pocket pools suspended on the side of this hill, all separated by waterfalls like this one.   A few small browns were taken to hand here, and afterwards, a small nap was needed.... Remember, this was the day after not only a late Reggae show, but the day that the local cider mill, Clyde's, opened for the season.   2.5 gallons somehow disappeared before Sunday morning.
This cider picture was taken on an Old Mystic stream the day before.. only brookies here!!   Notice the rise behind.  I was the first proud drinker in line this year for the hard, and I'm pretty sure they knew my anticipation.   The guy in charge of the casks handed me this fresh gallon with the came care a new parent would hand you a newborn infant.  With very solid eye-contact he said; "Its'a very good this year"  We were not disappointed, it was very good. do your soul a favor and buy some before it's too late

some sort of oyster mushroom I ran across,  not sure if this particular one tastes good (I've put them in pasta before).  I could have easily filled up a trash bag with all the shrooms on this one log... amazing.
I'm not the best on identification, so it's best to leave alone.
we all had a good laugh at this sign. Located in the parking area, it let everyone know what kind of behavior was not permitted.  LOL 
  I thought that the moss covering this rock looked so cool.  it kinda covered a large part of a wet, dripping cliff too. Trout live in the most beautifully scenic places on earth!

small, but cold and deep.    many parts of this stream were over my knees!!! super deep


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    1. sure was, wish I could have stretched it out a bit, but hey, can't have all play and no work, wait .. is that how it goes? sure it is, you see the wedding band in my photos, don't you?

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    1. I was pretty sure you would... one of the guys that came with swears that the streams website shows a pool that you have also photographed. He spoke like a true fisherman... Never forgets a face; errr.... pool.

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    1. Every stream has its own unique yet similar beauty

  4. Good to see SOMEONE got to fishin' over the holiday weekend!

    1. Not nearly as much as I'd wanted to. But dang bills gotta get paid & pictures of trout ain't gonna do it

    2. Not nearly as much as I'd wanted to. But dang bills gotta get paid & pictures of trout ain't gonna do it