Friday, November 8, 2013

Check it out..

Oct. 13, West Branch

I somehow got home first today, and found the Package my wife told me not to F... with!!!  
 It's a 27" long piece of 1 1/2 pvc from Pa. (with something inside)  Whatever is inside is wrapped in bubble wrap, so I cant really see anything.   I cant figure it out.... she knows not to buy me a rod, I'm really picky, Maybe an antique Trout Priest?   Anyways,,,,,,,,
   I haven't put up a post in  a while, so I'm giving you a heads up.... post coming.  I plan (depending on how hung over i am) on attending the CFFCM Arts of the angler show in Danbury Ct.  should be super sweet. I'll let you know.