Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Feather Fly (Adirondac and Catskill) SBS

give it the Adams treatment and Voila: Catskill variation
   I'm often reading about people looking for a simple pattern that uses minimal materials, and is easy to tie. I present to you the Floating Duck, Swamp Duck,   ok, so I haven't come up with a catchy name yet.
 Here's a simple StepByStep explaining how to make your very own OFF One Feather Fly  simple tie.

first off, choose a CDC feather that has plenty of butt-fluff. These fat-assed feathers are gonna make a wicked tail.
 I will be tying the Fly on an Allen hook today. I just met these guys last week, and got the hook-up on a bunch of hooks to try out!

Ok.  Wind your light brown thread to the point, grabbing the stump of a natural to light brown CDC feather.  tie just behind the butt-tip with two loose wraps so that you can carefully pull the feather rear-ward, creating the tail. Keeping the feather on the top of the hook, make 3-4 tight wraps, really binding the stem to the top of the hook-shank.

With your favorite rotary hackle pliers, grab the feather by the tip and begin to wrap forward, **pulling the fibers back Every wrap!  You should have something like this.  (the stem is going to make a great looking segmented body when wet!)   Tie off the tip with two tight wraps, and one in front.
--If tying the Catskill Variation, this step is where you would tie in your hackle feathers, just in front of the CDC feather, but still leaving a hook-eye's space behind the eye.

Ok, this isn't too tricky, but just take your time so that all the feather has the same tension pulling forward: with your thumb and pointer finger, grab the loose feather, and pull forward towards the eye.. ** Important: Notice that I have the feather pulled slightly up, exposing the hook eye on the bottom. this will cause the next few wraps to bind the material to the top of the hook.

2-3 wraps of thread, and you're almost done.  Next, take your thumb-nail and press rear-ward the wing, flaring it out similar to a comparadun. Make a thread dam, form a head, whip- finish, and done. !
 trim off any loose fibers, and this slim buoyant  fly is ready to fish!

here's another shot of the variation.  I think this photo looks pretty cool.


  1. A simple pattern, probably a killer.
    I'm going to buy some of the Allen hooks and give them a shot.

  2. Wow! I am going to save a link to this one. Seriously I love that it looks so buggy and yet as you stated, is simple to tie. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Try making some parachute style, really looks much better. Thanks!