Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Fly Fishing Show Marlborough, Ma +++ PM Party!!??

   Its that time of year again.... and for the rest of you nutcases out there who are fly fishing/tying fanatics, this is the show!   Take out that dusty ball of rainy- day $$, and get ready to buy yourself more dub, hooks, or overpriced pieces of aluminum. 
   I will be attending the Friday show/film fest with 4(?) other High Spirited fly fishermen. as a day away from the Wife/Kid, its gotta be worth it.  Our crew will be easy to spot...  look for these telltale signs that the Swamp Yankee's crew is in town:

1. Upon entering, you see Daniel Galhardo (Tenkara USA) running out with a broken nose.
2. There is a disturbance near the Sage booth, including the profane and derogatory insult of calling their   sales CEO a Burt Reynolds fake MF.
3. The mens room smells like weed. 
4. There's puke on your shoe.
5. All,  ALL muskrat belly fur has been bought up by 9AM.
6. You see people show up with full backpacks before they buy anything at all. (beers)
7. You hear the heavy use of the F word.
8. There are empty nip bottles in every garbage can.
----- you get the idea... this is a once a year event to hang out all day with your friends, and buy dub.

*IF4   This event is totally worth the $10 tix.  they throw all kinds of free shit out into the crowd, and/or hold some sort of on-stage contest.  I have no idea what they have in store this year, but it's worth the 10 bux.

*Keg Party????   I know its such an off the wall idea, yeah right. 
--- Where is the Keg Party???  I've got a crew that excels in this sort of environment. We have a nearby stay, but nothing walking distance from the show.  If you know of a Keg Party, please let me know!  We will have a cooler of brews/whisky, but no party to go to.


  1. I think the Chinese and Russians bought up all the muskrats again this year. I wish they would have these shows in the middle of the week when i am off from work.

    1. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those hats! HAHA

  2. I'll be there probably only on Sunday though. Hope to get there Friday evening though.

    1. $10 bux online or 15 @ the door. I think its byob