Monday, February 10, 2014

Fly Fishing Book

   So tonight I got a hard time from my friends.   They said my blog wasn't flyfishing with all my antique lure posts. 

I told them..... wait a minute...
you think I'm not fly fishing????    I got the shit that's gonna blow your mind.. .   .  .
It"s a book.
            about Fly Fishing.
  As old as Jeeps, and total one of-a-kind.

...found  at the bottom of a beat up tackle box that was bought at a Ct drive-in flea market...... It's importance from both an antiquers, .. and a Fishermans eyes was visible immediate... upon further reading,,

So to you two fishing buddies tonight at Two-Dollar Beer Night.... who I can't believe I've never shown this to before, (probably because the BOOK) has been cloaked deep within the depths of my  tying cabinet for years,.

Here's one of the greatest Fly Fishing antiques I've ever found

I have read this book over and over,   cover to cover, yet every time I read it, I learn something new.


  1. Fly fishing? Lure fishing? We all stray at times.

    1. Ya. Sorry about the tackle kick, there's still like 6" of concrete hard snow on the ground and no end in sight. More snow Thurs, so fishing this weekend is probably a no go again. Gettin a little cabin fever

  2. Awesome stuff here for sure, and I have to say you are one dedicated fly fisherman with one unique book--thanks for sharing---I have added your blog to my blog roll--enjoyed the post!!!

    1. Definitely a Chronic addiction, with no treatment other than fishing. Thanks for commenting!! I'm always looking for more Blogs to follow too, gotta feed the need.