Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Skunkin

I found this hidden pool in the middle of a six hour hike last week. Looking upstream from here, it couldn't be a better spot to cast. not much behind, and the pool is about five feet deep in the middle. guess how many trout I caught. Zero.    what the phuck.
  Fall-fish were the fish we caught. friggin fall-fish. ..and sunny's.  Whats a fall-fish? they are annoying. aggressive little craps that eat any fly within sight. see example:
They are small, sometimes a big one tops the scale at like maybe 7 inches, but basically annoying. I know there are trout in the bottom of that pool, its downright perfect, slow, swirling eddy's, a down tree on the edge, tons of aquatic insects all around. All the right signs and all we could muster out were these. At least the dozen a-piece means we didn't get skunked, but it sure felt the same.  oh well, next time. At least i got another great hike

   The brook really is awesome though, tons of side flowing areas like the one above, complete with awesome deep(1-1.5ft) overgrown edges. kind of brook that makes you see mirage trout that aren't really there. What I mean is, if I were a trout, this is where I would live.
  Some of these spots have only been visited by me, a few friends, and the deer. There are no trails, (only game trails) no empty styrofoam worm cups, no balls of mono litter.   Not many people get several miles into the woods, so I think.... either way, its a wonderful, peaceful feeling.   
   It rained like a s.o.b the night before, and a little that morning. We were on-site around 7am, drinking beers while riggin up, and hiking thru mother natures fog en-route to the brook.  Thats how we roll.

  Anyways, the rain fog, and unrelenting humidity really fucked with my rig. Ya see, I fish Naked. What I mean is, I never applied spar or rod varnish to my latest boo. the "Ras.tick"  This rod is a post in it's own, so I wont bore you. but anyways, the downfall is that when it gets too wet, it makes the line stick to it and it bends; this day a little much :
maybe you don't notice, but the top half kinks to the left, only when wet. maybe I should spar it.  whatev.   the fly that worked (and is stuck in the lip of a 18" Ledyard brown currently) is ::::

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