Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mansfield flea market

   I scored a decent bunch of antique lures/decoys/reels today.  Aside from my usual fly fishing O.C.D. I have quite an extensive collection of antique fishing tackle. Every weekend (besides fishing) the yard-sales are combed for tackle. Today was an exceptional score.. There were so many lures, I had to pick thru many vendors offerings for colors I didn't have, or lures I have not yet added. Some today had glass eyes, or beat-in character. For some reason, to me, the shiny, untouched vintage lures aren't as appealing as the used, chipped, missing hook- clunkers. The older, used, beat on ones seem to tell me more of a story about their past. I know that it had been used for what it was designed for. Today also landed me a native Connecticut made Union Sunnybrook fly reel c.1900-1909.. My second one of that make, but this one in a silver colored finish. Another similar reel (in box) was unmarked, but just s cool. and finally... 3 decoys.. my favorite collectable. these 3 matched decoys are obviously used, handmade, lead paint folk/Americana pieces... totally sweet. 


  1. That is a sweet score for sure. That one photo dwarfs my lure collection. Stumbled across your blog and now following.

  2. Thanks for checking my posts out... don't stop collecting... most of my collection comes from yardsales and flea markets... many times I don't pay more than 3$a piece. If you're from Colorado especially.. you're closer than me to where most lures/decoys come from. Keep looking. TL