Friday, August 3, 2012

fishing or hiking?

   Lately I've been getting skunked.  my last two outings have resulted in 12 dace or some shit, 8 pumpkins and a rock bass. no trout.
   Am I still at this point actually fishing? It feels like I'm simply a hiker who chooses to hike with extensive fly-fishing tackle.  At least I'm getting in some good exercise.
  Today was no exception. I fished some familiar waters, saw tons of trout in 12-18" range, and managed to catch nothing but fuckin dace, or whatever those little silver shits are.    Oh well, not a total skunk, but not exactly catching either.
there were some decent 10-12" ers hiding in that strip of shade, and it went on for like 50 yards.  Should have been perfect for like 2 or 3 fish, but i didn't get any

This spot is awesome looking. I call it the Canyon bend. the Stream bed is literally like an underwater canyon.  deep, cold, and holding fish.  none that I could fool.
However over the last few days, I have Twice been very happy that I was fully prepared for a fishing hike. Can you guess?
Thats right. Toilet Paper. thank goodness. Always carry a small roll of dry toilet paper! at least when I have a shitty day of fishing, I dont smell of it
 That awesome Dogfish is like 18%alc so after the 2 Newcastle, I was feelin great at like noon in the woods, Hahaha . hey dont judge, it's my vacation week.


  1. Hi. Found your blog today nice.

    Call in and see me when you get time? Kind Regards.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. start watching, you never know, I might post a pattern that will put your world upside down, haheee. Thanks & TL