Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good day for the woodstove and Tying

 My buddy Abe, in this picture it's actually 78 deg. in the living room, but he still has to be 24" from the stove. nobody said he was smart.
 I can't get over how great these bodies look, so making sure that i compliment them with a great looking wing casing was a must!

 What i have been finding looks good lately (and super realistic) is easy to accomplish in just a few steps.
1st, select some mallard flank feathers, these are usually mottled and closely resemble the natural wings
2nd, select just the tip of the feather, and treat it with your favorite flexible cement. Use your fingers and work it in good, making sure to keep a nice flat, rubber-like feather.
3rd, after your feather has dried, lay it on some clear wing material that has also been treated with cement.
once this dries, cut to shape, or use a wing cutter. it now has a clear, shiny outside, and mottled (natural ) look.

when I tie on these wings, I like tying them falling over the eye first, then folding it back, not only locking it in, but allowing for a light colored area directly in front of the wing, imitating the lighter colored head on the stonefly

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