Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fly Swap.

 Recently, a Swedish Blogger I follow; Put up an offer to have a fly swap.   Heck yeah!  I Jumped at the offer, already with a Trout in mind to fool with a 277 #32. the deal is, 6 flies that work.  I hope these work overseas.
 Ice Dub bakes a perfect head just behind the eye!

Also, I decided to include a few tiny hooks for Mats to try. Gamakatsu C12BM in 26&30. Have fun & nail some Swedish Char!
All Swamp Yankee Specials were tied on sz. 18 Gamakatsu C16B Crippled Emerger Hooks

I Dont fully expect him to use the mayfly crawling out of his exoskeleton, but it was really fun to make, so maybe it will inspire someone else to try do take the design further and smaller


  1. Hi Nate!

    I kind of recognize somethings in this post. The flies looks awasome. The hook I use isn't a 277 but it has almost the same hook gap and is a little longer. I threw in half a dozen for you to ty them out. They have been the most challenging hook for me to tie flies on since it's the smallest hook I've been able to encounter (talking about the hook gap which is about 1 mm or a 25th of an inch). Would love to see what you can make of them. I sent all two days ago so the flies should be "flying" to their destination by now. Nice post and awesome flies!

    Friendly greetings,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Thanks, your flies should arrive by Wed. Have a great New Year!

    2. Hi Nate!

      Thanks and I hope they will arrive soon so that I can get to know what you think about them,

      Friendly greetings,
      Mats Olsson