Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fly

My Tippet is already scared. This spinner is gonna twist! 

Hook: Daiichi D1110 24
Wing: Brown Speckled Hen Back
Hackle: Ginger
Body: Muskrat Belly
Tail: 3 Microfibbets Brown
Thread: Grey Gordon Griffiths 14/0 Sheer


  1. Hi Nate!

    Nice and interesting fly! But might, as you mention, twist a thin tippet. It's just to try it out and go with the size of tippet that won't twist.

    Your friend,
    Mats Olsson

  2. Yeah, I was really just trying out that 'oragami' wing thing. I made a few single wing cocked, maybe they won't twist.