Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Personal Best....

.... for the smallest brookie  I've landed.
fought like a sonofabitch though.
wasn't the only one taken to hand today, these locals were hungry!  There was no ice, and the pressure was low.  ya ain't catchin'as much ina high pressure.  It was a good day.  My bud even managed one of his largest fallfish ever!!  ...
 This guy, about 10", came out to have a deformed tail. The bottom half was missing, yet he was maybe one of the largest today at the 'Trout Box'


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    1. Yeah, I know that no matter how old I get, an 8"brookie will always be a blast!

  2. Hi Nate!

    Lovely brookies from a wonderful stream! I can imagine that you had a nice time at the water.

    Your friend,
    Mats Olsson

    1. Its a wonderful spot to chill, unwind, and catch some brookies. If anyone has ever been streamside here, the flag is a dead giveaway. I got a feeling I'm not the first flyfisher here, because the casting area to the best pool has a very carefully cleared 'backcast' area.

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    1. Thanks Jim. Sometimes it's on sometimes its off. I went out for Salters on Sunday... Sad to say I won't be posting pictures about that trip

  4. That is some serious winter fun. Man, I gotta get some brookies soon or I'm gonna go nuts.