Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunday fly tying

I got together with the usual fly fishing addicts Sunday in an effort to fill up our boxes. With the Wife and kid at a Cinderella play in Colchester,  we had the afternoon all to ourselves to curse, drink, and chill out. (oh yeah, and tie some flies)
    I got down on banging out some tricos using a new material:    paracord 550 innards.    Inside paracord 550, there are 7 white inner cords (non-mil style)   these nylon cords on a sz 24 dry hook made what I thought looked like great wings.... Might be another story on the water, we'll see.


  1. Must have been a great time. I see a vise and beer. Feathers and beer. Hooks and beer. Books and beer. Oh yeh, and the coffee cup. Don't forget flies and beer. I can dig it.

    1. Yeah, I admit... I have a problem. I can't kick the coffee. No matter how early I start drinking beer I always have to have a coffee too