Friday, March 22, 2013

Sea-Run Browns

I'm not sure how long this is going to last, but it's damn fun while it lasts.
I fished Sat.  nothing. 
Sun.   nothing
Monday,  Bam!
Today, Bam!
Havent gotten one under 2lbs yet! all on my new 1/2 wt & light tippets.
 All of these sea-runs have little to no colors. (sometimes 1 or 2 spots near tail)  I believe because of salt water osmosis & some pigments not whatever... .... .. I'm no scientist,       Friggin 2 Lb local chrome While it lasts.
 Fly of the day:  sz. 16


  1. Bamm Jack! Nice flies and fish. Its the same with those chrome Steelheads. I am not sure how it happens either but I know that it helps them survive if they blend in. If they went out there swimming around in their bright yellow skin then I doubt you'd never see them again.

    1. If they keep hanging around here.... my wife'll never see ME again. hah

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Its a fun change of pace... last month was just shoveling snow, I'm glad thats over!

  3. They have got to really test that new rod. Very nice.

  4. Hi Nate!

    Seems that you're having fun with your light rig. Keep on playing more trout and enjoying the light gear do it's work. Much more fun than with heavier gear. Trust me I know. I used an AFTM #8-9 during my early teens chasing two pounders. It's a wonder it didn't discourage me from continuing fly fishing. Now I use rods from AFTM #1-4 depending on the type of fly fishing. Then it's a lot of fun and not a heavy shore. Thanks for sharing!