Wednesday, March 13, 2013

S.O.S. Save Our Salamanders!

Every year after the first warm day with a spring rain, the Swamp Yankee's swamp erupts into a mad dash across the road, risking life over limp, Live or Die.
I can't stand the carnage, and attempt an airlift support team into my 1 acre Vernal Pool every spring.
I took over a hundred photos, and included everything, in hopes of spreading the love,  steer the wheel, and avoid a salamander slaying! 
Over the next several spring rains, please be careful


  1. One of the most amazing posts I've ever seen. I support the cause! Good luck in raising awareness and saving the lives of those incredible creatures.

    1. It's such a clear calm morning now. You'd never even know it happened. All the local raccoons and such must have eaten like kings last night. Looked like a battlefield last night, now it's clean road surfaces like any other March morning.

  2. I agree. Great photos, of many slithery slimy lives being saved from sure destruction from cars. The drivers never hear any screams, or have an arrest warrant for leaving the scene. But nonetheless, a link in the chain is broken each time one of these salamanders doesn't make it. Great job Nate.

  3. Almost made me cry. I love salamanders.