Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kill a Kat Kontest

Its like 90 today and  the bass are still in coves. the 30"ish above fought me in the current last night. still less than a 5 min battle, but these fish are strong this year. & fat! the early summer in march jumpstarted the season. I dunno, but last years Ct & World record wasn't the longest fish, but it had a good'ol' American gut.if these things keep growing in the deeper LI Sound waters, it might get beaten again this year. (someones already come within 6 or so lbs) September Bassin will be off the charts!
Ive been at the vice replacing the dozens of trout flies that caught trees this year. after reading a post by smallflyfunk, I decided to start making some small terrestrials.   I gotta get some better way of photographing shit. especially sz 24 spiders. CDC puffs seemed to make awesome looking abdomens when folded over, and I laughed a little using fisher cat whiskers for legs.  You dont get many whiskers on a pelt, so the only solution I could come up with was.... Kill more of those fuckers. If people out there start using more of this rodent, then its two-fold.... there will be more trout for you to catch & the demand for whiskers will facilitate an eradication effort.      . The dubbing is superb!  I used to use Muskrat belly fur, (excellent excellent superfine shit!) but I'm leaning towards Fisher cat now.  as soon as I kill a local one, I'm posting pictures. Please people, carry a gun fishing, I once heard these pests eat 100 fingerling trout a day!
    Reminds me of a thing that's going on right now... Me and 3 others are in a betting pool. $10 bux to the first to catch a native (non-stocked) Tiger on a dry. There aren't too many places around here for them, so its difficult .. but what made me think of it was.. .What if there was a Kill a Kat (fisher) Kontest. 10 bux to the first to Kill a Kat in a stream. I can't wait to use local belly fur on a pattern.

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