Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My two Shids


 I've got a pattern that i call the Shid. its the shit!  its kinda a cross between a shrimp and a squid, hence; Shid. Two keeper stripers in 10 min, and I went home. I know the game, those fish are smart, after I throw 'em back, they all go tell their friends not to eat Shid, and I'm Shid outta luck. Deadly.
    Its raining today, but with tide in my area somewhere around 1752 give or take, I cant resist. I'll catch my favorite dusk tide ebb.  (always the most productive)   My guess it that the daytime sun heats up all the high waters, hopefully coinciding with some sort of hatch.. and when the ebb starts, all the fish are attracted to not only the warm, but the food in it. Lately there has been some storm surges, bringing lost of eel grass up, making casting very frustrating, but hey, if you don't play you cant win, right?

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  1. Oh man, that is the shid! Nice catch. I'm gonna have to try this salt water one of these on an island and all.
    Nice blog.