Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Neck Brookie

    Hot weather & a blue collar shitty corporate job have made it difficult lately to get in some dry fly fishing. maybe some night-time troutin' is in order. 
    on my local streams lately I've been discouraged,  Any time I tie any sorta dry with wings... synthetic or not,   my tippet twists up like crazy! its annoying. try doing this.... tie on a stupid small mayfly/winged bug with a strand of a spiders web, cast, twist,  then 2 minutes later, rip off that tippet, tie on some more nearly invisible shit that doesn't pigtail,  thread the impossibly small hook eye again. after I repeat this process, maybe 2 or three times, I'll tie on a wet. dont tell rolf.   I've found out that brookies are pretty carnivorous. If I try to tie a small brooktrout, it usually works.
    So I"ve been making these brookie flies outta all the stuff in the first shot, a few Hungarian partridges, Indian Hen, jc, Pheasant (a tiny red, neck feather highlights the jc nail & outlines the back) & some tiny tiny brown hen neck hackles make a lateral line.  sometimes I add some natural or white to the belly,
sz. 16 longshank, bent

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  1. Twist may be hackle not so much the wing. One step at a time no rush.