Sunday, June 17, 2012

Night-time Flavor

   I've been tying up a bunch of shrimps lately. they all incorporate some of the same, and some variations. most of them are without feelers under the abdomen, just because i wasn't sure they would swim right on a thin gauge #6 hook.(top shrimp is bigger hook)
   Starting over, there were tons. TONS! of shrimp in the water this week, they were all nearly transparent, about 2" long.Aat one point, me and a fishin buddy tried counting the rises. it was nonstop, 2-3 breaking the surface every second!!!  Awesome.  Every time I see this, I freeze, shine my lamp in the water, and pay attention. I guess its kinda like flippin a stone in a creek. whats the different bait I ask, I'm not looking for the usual schools of baitfish, crabs, or etc. I'm looking for the flavor of the night.. this week it was shrimps. 
  Get out to a muddy cove after a warm day, catch the turn & ebb, and listen. The warm, bait-rich rushing water at a narrow cove entrance will be the hot-spot.
   Concentrate on the eyes.. its often the most visible feature in moonlight, I found that Orvis's Mirage Eyes in 3/32" worked best.  once sealed into the body with some epoxy, they glow great!  I tried out 6 slightly different shrimp imitations,  the burnt mono eyes are not as effective after dark, dont use lead or copper, the biggest fish are on the surface, and short, fast retrievals. 3" at a time, pausing every 2 or 3 feet.
   Ps, the only reason I used such a thick hook up top is because I straightened out a few on relatively small bass. this shrimp swims correctly, and will bring in that 40-cow when he hits

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  1. Great Shrimp fly! I have noticed a lot of shrimps when clamming since April. I have used shrimp flys and they do work, but i cant say they work any better than a Ray's fly or clouser.