Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Johnny Trout Seed Caddis

At the Fly Fishing Show this last weekend, I had a list of shit I wanted to get, and while I didn't find it all, I did come home with something else.
I was picking out some tungsten beads for the Pickett Finn, when some dude, about as obnoxiously drunk as I was told me not to buy them.  Apparently, he had a bead guy with the best beads ... cream o' da crop kinda beads, the Bees knees beads.  whatever, I was drunk enough to listen.
   Dude said his name was Johnny Trout Seed, and he went on to describe a good caddis pattern, that somehow short of a miracle, I remembered.
  I never did find or buy beads this weekend, but I tried tying his pattern, after a skunked afternoon trip.
     I took liberties in defining the ingredients, use what you want
     It's basically an Elkhair Caddis With a CDC underwing and a parachute

Hook: Dry of your choice. I went with Dai Riki 1100 in 14 & 16
Body: yellow camel
Legs: Larva lace hollow midge
Wing: CDC & Antelope
Hackle: Grizzly

1) Make yourself an Elkhair, I'm guessing anyone reading this can list off the ingredients faster than their Wives birthday/anniversary.
2) Just under the elk hair (I used a whiter Antelope) put some CDC
3) Wrap the hackle under the wing & CDC, using the cut butts as something to grab the hackle, It's pretty easy, and the CDC seems to not only look like a great underwing, but I'm hoping that it helps it float too.

   Mix up the ingredients yourself to match the local hatch.
Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Johnny, this seems like it's going to be a good twist to my usual bland Elkhair pattern. 

 some of my 16's didn't get CDC, I wanted to try the parachute out solo first.  Legs look cool though, right?


  1. Schweeeet! Me likey likey. Nice ties!

  2. Thanks! Its a simple twist on some simple shit. I can't wait to try, too bad its like witch tit cold here in Ct. For like the next 5.

  3. Those do look nice. They look like they will catch some fish.

    1. Thanks James, I got a feeling they will work just fine.