Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Ol' One Two Fly (HD)

A simple two material fly that floats like a cork in any color & size!


  1. I love it! keeping it simple with only two materials!! great fly.

    1. Thanks dude. That was kind of like my trial run with my camera. I wanted to see how much of a zoom I could get and how clear the picture would be. The camera cut me off right as I finished... I was trying to do it pretty quick. I definitely need a different angle most of that video is the back of my hand.
      I really like that pattern I came up with it though. You're really just posting the tail and the wing at the same time. A little bit of white hackle an the legs spread out all over the water.
      Definitely my favorite part of the pattern on it makes tying on a small hooks like a size 30 really easy! If you zoom in on the photo that's a size 30.... It makes it really easy to come out looking really good!

  2. Hi Nate!

    Nice pattern! Works for any size or color - beautiful!

    Kind greetings,
    Mats Olsson

  3. Dude I gotta try this for my SMB fishing this summer, in size BIG! (10, even 8). How much would it cost me to have you tie up a dozen of these for me?

  4. Wow, thanks for asking, I've never sold a fly and really dont plan on it. Sorry. Think I've trout fished with like 5 friends in my life, sometimes its a pain supplying them, they are really as far as my flies go. Thanks for asking, try this one out..... it really is much easier than it looks, just deer hair and a feather. PS, you made me think about it, so I checked, the largest freshwater hook I have is a 12..

  5. I haven't watched the tying video yet, so maybe I will just go for it! Your ties are very nice though. The cold hard reality is, I need to simply get serious about tying. Some people say it doesn't save money, but I think it would if I at least get to the point where I tie up my supplies of my most used flies ("big 3" nymphs like HE, PT and Prince, EHC, royal and white wulffs, adams, cream midges, and buggers...seriously, those are MOST of the patterns I use year round). This would definitely be a go-to summer time pattern, especially for white fly hatches.