Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trout Scout(ing)

I decided today that 30 degrees was definitely warm enough to give fishing a try. I forgot briefly that the past week of sub 10 degree nights froze all but my hopes.
  At my first stream; a usual honey hole, all but a few peep-holes were frozen over. I tried anyways with a Mats Midge, and within 3 casts, my tip guide was a frozen wreck.
  Next up, a recently acquired town/open spaces acquisition that looked promising on the map, ended up being a flop.
  Last on my daily list... a grist mill site (maybe late 1700's)    
     This looked VERY promising, but like my honey hole..... Frozen.   At least I got some sweet photos. There's a few waterfalls that were totally frozen, and many many pools that made my mouth water.  Maybe after a good thaw I will go back. I might be disappointed, ... maybe there's no trout, but who knows


  1. It's cold, but it's beautiful. Nice photos.

    1. Yeah, I sure didn't mind the hike. Always fun to discover a new place. Especially close by, this new open spaces/land trust area happens to be only 10min from home. Gonna be an easy retry after the thaw. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Be like fishing in a bathtub only a lot colder.